A day in the life…

A day in the life…

Checking our rye crop
Our Border Collie, Stella 🙂
Gloomy, cloudy, rainy and they don’t even skip a beat.
I don’t think the sun shined for like 10 days straight!


Illinois Farm Families City Moms Beef & Harvest Tour.  Hosted by Larson Farms.
I volunteered my time as a Farm Mom!  


Where’s Payton?


Happy showman!


On the way to the show ring with Gus (the Yorkshire barrow)
at the National Barrow Show.



Nolan plays. Gus naps. 



2015 Harvest


2015 Harvest
My Dad & my son in the combine.  Not sure who was happier!


Calm after the storm.


Stopped while mowing early this spring to snap this!
The picture does not do it justice!
Beautiful view this spring (2015) from our pasture!  iPhone photo at that 🙂
Our cows & their calves were happy to be at the pasture – as was I!


My little farm boy with our curious calves!


Heifers waiting to come in the barn.  Only thing between them and
the barn is that snow drift!  Nothing a scoop shovel won’t take care of!


Harvest 2014 – West Central Illinois
Unloading corn from the auger cart (right) into the wagon to be loaded
on a semi and taken to the bin!