#IHD16 Rookie

#IHD16 Rookie


In mid-August I received an email from Katie Pratt (Illinois Farm Girl) about attending the Illinois Harvest Dinner. To say the least, I was ECSTATIC!  I was at school and couldn’t click reply fast enough.  But then I waited to reply because I didn’t want to comes off as desperate.  Yes, I was THAT girl.  I casually replied a couple hours later and managed to contain my excitement.  Katie co-chairs the event alongside Mary Mackinson Faber from Mackinson Dairy Farm.  They are a pair full of ideas and make a great team.

The Illinois Harvest Dinner is an event that was started in 2015 by a handful of awesome agriculture advocates here in Illinois.  Their ideas blossomed and the second annual dinner did not disappoint.  I recall seeing pictures on social media of the event in 2015 and loved the nostalgic feel of the decorations, atmosphere and interactions with consumers!  From the outside looking in, last year was great.  From the inside, this year was AWESOME!  I was honored to be a part of it from the producer standpoint.  The interactions I had with dietitians, doctors and food service coordinators was nothing short of electric.  They had questions and I had answers based on the things I do on my farm and with my cows.

The table is set

Erin at Grand Vale Co. was there to work her magic through photographs.  If you haven’t seen them, go look now!  They sum up the evening wonderfully. You can also check out her blog post here!

And if the video that was beautifully done by ParkLife Films doesn’t make you want to be a part of this event in the future, I don’t know what will.


Yum!What would the Illinois Harvest Dinner be without a menu full of delicious food?  Chef Vince from Cracked Pepper Peoria worked his magic with everything from the delightful hors d’oeuvres to the savory pork chops.  He owns a few restaurants in the Peoria area and after this, I’m a shoe-in for going to each of them SOON!

In addition to my take on the evening, a handful of others weighed in on #IHD16!  Check them out and get excited for Round 3 of the Illinois Harvest Dinner in ’17.  Good conversation.  Good people. Great event. I was honored to represent production agriculture & the beef industry.

Sean Arians – “Supper with Sean & Chef Vince”

Sean Arians – “Supper with Sean & Thomas Titus”

News Herald newspaper in Central Illinois

Article in Prairie Farmer magazine by Holly Spangler


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