Granny’s Chicken Salad

Granny’s Chicken Salad

The title says everything.  I do not need to go into detail about Granny and her amazing chicken salad.  Just take my word for it. Let’s cut right to the chase….

  1. Start with a whole uncooked chicken or an oven roasted chicken you picked up at the store or grilled chicken strips or whatever kind of chicken you prefer.  The point is you need some chicken!  If I have time (haha) I will cook it myself otherwise it’s HyVee oven roasted chicken to go!
  2. Buy some Teasoning. Now. (See pictures below)
  3. Get some mayonnaise.  Chicken salad is non-existent without mayo.
  4. Go buy some yummy yeasty goodness at the local bakery (aka croissant, hoagie roll, rye bread, etc.)
  5. Enjoy!

This is my go-to chicken salad recipe and I make it for wedding showers, birthday parties, state fair lunch at the camper and just because.

My first “foodie” picture from way back when – chicken salad ironically!
Good luck finding this! I googled it & got a lot of strange results. I buy it at the little gift shop in my hometown.
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Granny’s Chicken Salad

Prep Time: 1 hour


< id="zlrecipe-ingredients-list">< id="zlrecipe-ingredient-0" class="ingredient" itemprop="ingredients">1 whole chicken < id="zlrecipe-ingredient-1" class="ingredient" itemprop="ingredients">Mayonnaise (to desired creaminess) < id="zlrecipe-ingredient-2" class="ingredient" itemprop="ingredients">Teasoning (to desired flavor) < id="zlrecipe-ingredient-3" class="ingredient" itemprop="ingredients">Grapes < id="zlrecipe-ingredient-4" class="ingredient" itemprop="ingredients">Pecans or almonds (optional)


  1. Cut chicken up and remove bones.
  2. Chop up or put into a food processor.
  3. Add mayonnaise according to how creamy you prefer.
  4. Add teasoning to taste.
  5. Cut up grapes and add desired amount.
  6. Chop pecans and add desired amount.
  7. Chill and serve on a croissant, hoagie roll, etc.

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