Kids, Cows, Clothes & Cooking

Kids, Cows, Clothes & Cooking

If you follow along with my not-so-frequent blog posts at all, you may have noticed that things look a tad different.  Change is good and thanks to some advice from my friends Brandi (Buzzard’s Beat) and Bekah (Cooped Up Creativity), I made the leap into WordPress land.  Peace out Blogger.  It was a good run.  More about that later, I suppose!

Maybe the title intrigued you; it intrigued me too.  It also has caused me to exhaust ALL possible resources available to me at this time (i.e. ample sleep, proper nourishment, clean socks, etc.).  As some may know, I am the wife of a seed/chemical/fertilizer salesman.  It’s spring in Illinois, which takes you back to the title.  No how-to blog posts here other than the annual “how to just keep your head above water” shenanigans.

Each of the four parts of the title are meaningful at this point and time in my life.  Ha…keep reading! 🙂

I will just say that if it wasn’t for our swing set and the battery operated John Deere Gator & tractor, I would have lost my mind already.  I managed to get decent shoes and a jacket on them when it was cool and to top that off.  If it is any consolation, they did have clean clothes when they left the house.  Once we survived the great what-do-I-get-for-snack debate, I was finally outside and ready to start chores.  It’s April and our small amount of acreage on our farm is at maximum capacity.  No seriously.  There is no room in the inn for about another month.  We have 3 more cows left to calve and I feel their pain.  Please just lay down, have that calf and you can be on your way to greener pastures – literally!

In addition to general craziness, we decided to change our breeding program up a little this year.  Instead of putting CIDR’s in the heifers & cows we were going to AI, we are AI’ing strictly off of heat detection.  For anyone that knows ANYTHING at all about checking heats in any livestock species, you realize this is time consuming.  And with that I am officially crazy.  Estrotect patches are fabulous by the way.  By now, you are are probably starting to figure out where the other three parts of the title relate….


The rest should fall in place pretty easily.  As long as everyone has clean underwear and actually wears said clean underwear, everything else will be fine.  As long as those silly heifers and that gomer bull (if you don’t know – look it up – you’ll thank me) don’t get out, everything will be fine.  If they go into the barn without little effort by me so I can breed them and send them on their merry way, everything will be fine.  If the kids are somewhat clean when they go to bed and have a full belly, everything else will be just fine.  If Ted, the bottle calf gets his belly full then everything will be just fine.  And if we can go to bed and wake up refreshed and blessed, everything will be just fine.

Lord knows there are people with WAY bigger issues than whether or not my heifers are bred and my kids teeth are brushed, but here’s to hoping whatever those other issues are that you don’t forget to smile & laugh! 🙂


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  1. Thank you for sharing,, Allison! Your precious little ones are growing so fast and there is NO doubt you are an awesome momma! I love your blog, keep it up… Life on the farm is always interesting and keeps everyone on their toes! I live it and I LOVE it…. I will continue to follow you… I am sure glad Cheri shared! :0)

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